2019 RULES

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alternation of specifications. Any interpretation of the rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.

All cars must have full containment seat and driver must have certified neck restraint system. FOAM NECK BRACES NOT ALLOWED!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Body: Lucas/WOO series rules apply
Suspension: Lucas/Woo rules apply with series revisions listed below
No spring bars
Engine and weight options:
(A) Open Motor 2,350 lbs. 8in spoiler and sides
(B) Open Motor Steel Block 2,300 lbs 8 in spoiler and sides
(C) Spec SAS/SUPR/NLMS/525 2,250 lbs 12in spoiler and sides
(D) ALL Steel 362 cu in or less 2,2250 lb 12in spoiler and sides
(E) Sealed 604/602 2,200 lbs 12in spoiler and sides
~Weight with driver at any time. No weight adjustment devises allowed inside of cockpit.~

Fuel System: One four barrel carb/Gar or alcohol
Front- Open
Rear- American Racer 56 / Hoosier 1600 or Hoosier 55
~Tires must punch 50~
Wheel Base: 103" Minimum measured from center of hub to center of hub
Rear end: Any
Transmission: All must have forward and reverse gears. NO STRAIGHT DRIVES!

1. BODIES: 1971- 2004.

– Any compact or sub-compact front or rear wheel drive must have full stock body or sheet metal body, firewall and floor plan can be stock After market hoods and bumpers OK.

– Trucks are permitted: must be all stock for that vehicle.

– No extended cab or long bed truck.

– All parts on racecar must be stock except where noted. Any infraction may require weight penalty.

– After market hoods and bumpers ok.

– Radiator protection bar must not be forward of the bumper.

– Bumpers do not have to be stock, but must not be wider than the fenders.

– Rear spoilers - ok, 8” maximum.

– Front and rear wrecker hooks are mandatory, but must not extend past bumper.

– Cockpit style interior and skirting are permitted.

– Frames: Unibody must be reinforced - MANDATORY.

– Racing seat, harness, window net, fire ext. fuel cell, three 3/8 rods in front of driver, full fire suit, and approved helmet. (Required at all times)

2. SUSPENSION: must be stock type.

– After market type springs and shocks ok. Must be in stock location.

– Alternations of upper or lower control arms and spring buckets are not permitted.

– Cars with leaf springs may have adjustable shackled- sliders on each leaf spring.

– Jack bolts all four corners will be allowed.

3. WHEELS: Steel - 8” width max. Off set permitted.

– Bead locks-allowed

4. TIRES: 8” 60 series street radial. RACING TIRES ALLOWED.

5. ENGINES: 2300 cc Allowed up 0.060

– Rods – 5.2, 5.4 or 5.7

– Stock Crank

– Pistons – Cast – Hypertectic Coating is allowed

– Any hydraulic cam and lifter is okay

– No roller cam or lifter of any type. No Shimming in lifters

– No dual overhead cams – Heads: decking of head is okay –No porting or polishing of head of intake

– Valves must be stock size for head/ Lash caps allowed

– Heads can be bow cut ¾” from seat of valve (no tolerance on bow cut)

– Intake:

– Fuel injected intakes allowed

– No porting or polishing

– No After Market intakes

–1” Adapter – No tolerance

-carb stock 4412 Holley 500 cfm

– Maximum compression 170

6. Electric fuel pumps will be allowed but must have shut off going to oil pressure switch and approved by Tech Any fuel lines that are routed the interior of vehicle must be in solid conduit.

7. Toyota-Nissan 2000 cc etc.

6. TRANSMISSIONS: Must be stock OEM type with all working gears in standard shift, automatic transmission must have working torque converter.

– Clutch: Factory OEM and fly wheel.

–Fly wheel must weigh 13 lbs. min.

– Scatter-proof bell housing recommended.

7. WEIGHT: weight of cars after race with driver - 2200 lbs.

8. BRAKES: Rear disc ok. Must be OEM rotors & calipers. After market pedals & master cylinders optional.

9. Any header.

Hot Shot Rules Basics: - Must be a stock 4 or 6 cylinder car. - No turbo or rotary engines allowed. - Stock-type fuel injection or stock manufactured carburetor only (Motorcraft, ect…). ONE 0.800” maximum throttle body spacer may be used. No Holley, Weber or other racing carburetors allowed. Carburetor must be stock for engine. - Motor must be stock appearing and in stock location. - Motor must match car (ex. Honda must have Honda engine). - Any air or oil filters (K&N, ect.) - Intake must be a stock intake. No Skunk 2, ect. - No cold air intakes for fuel injections – must be stock type breather system. A flexible rubber or plastic hose may be used in place of the stock air box tube. No smooth metal or smooth plastic tubing allowed. A cone type filter is allowed and may be connected directly to throttle body or the allowed tubes. - Aftermarket radiators okay – radiators can be braced for support. - Aftermarket (racing) headers are allowed and will be subject to claim. Claim is $300 and includes only the header itself. Claims must be made with Magnolia Motor Speedway tech inspector. - Computer may be chipped and/or tuned. A standalone ECU and aftermarket harness are allowed. Ignition coil must remain OEM. - You may move the battery for safety purposes. Weight Rules: - 4-cylinder cars must weigh 2,2000 pounds with car and driver after the race. o Exceptions: 50 lb. weight break for HANS or like device. 50 lb. weight break for full containment seat. - V6 FWD cars must weigh 2,700 pounds, if you run a V6 the engine must remain stock for that car. NO ENGINE OR ENGINE COMPARTMENT MODIFICATIONS WHATSOEVER. (same weight breaks as 4 cylinder). Body / Wheel / Tire Rules: - Any front wheel drive car. - No all-wheel drive cars or all wheel steer cars. - Must have stock rear and front suspensions as from factory, slotting of factory mounting holes allowed. - No racing springs (lowering) or shocks allowed. Springs may be heated, clamped or use spring rubbers. Springs must be within 2’ of factory installed height. - Rear control arms should be stock but may be braced / strengthened / repaired. No aftermarket. - Stock type aftermarket suspension bushings are allowed. - Stock production cars only. - Mirrors are allowed. - Must have a quality welded MINIMUM 4-point roll cage inside the car with a minimum of 0.95” thickness tubing – Magnolia Motor Speedway has final say in safety of the cage. - Minimum 3 driver door bars / 2 side door bars – 6 or more point cages okay. - No push bars past firewall. Roll cage may extend forward behind bumpers. Bumpers must be covered in some way with no exposed sharp corners. - Aftermarket racing wheels allowed – 7-inch maximum. NO BEAD LOCKS. - Street legal DOT tires required. No drag radials, mud grip lug tires, racing tires or racing recapped tires allowed. Directional tires are allowed. - Tires can be mixed and matched for stagger. - Aftermarket nose pieces allowed. - 6-inch metal support to extend out behind nosepiece or to hold grill in place allowed. - No push bars to extend outside of bumpers or beyond nose piece. - Some sheet metal will be allowed for repairs. Cars should remain as close to stock appearing as possible. Adding sheet metal to bodies may result in a weight penalty being assessed. - Gutting of body is allowed. Safety: - RACING (not motorcycle) helmet, SA 2005 or newer is required. - Minimum single-layer fire suit required (SA 3.2A specification recommended). - Fire proof gloves strongly recommended (SFI 3.3 specification recommended). - A 4 or 5-point harness, properly mounted per manufacturers’ specifications, is required. Must have been manufactured in the last 5 years. Any worn, abraded or torn belts must be replaced. - A minimum 5 pound fire extinguisher is recommended and should be securely mounted within drivers’ reach. - Only racing-type seats, properly mounted per manufacturers’ specifications, are allowed. A full containment seat is strongly recommended. Cars equipped with full containment seats will receive a 50-pound weight break. - A head and neck restraint system (SFI 16.1 compliant) is strongly recommended. Drivers using a head and neck restraint will receive a 50-pound weight break. - Racing fuel cell and window nets are highly recommended. - A firewall must be in place between driver compartment and fuel cells, fuel lines or tanks. Miscellaneous Rules: - Magnolia Motor Speedway has final ruling on all questions of legality. A pre-race inspection will be made to ensure SAFETY only. - Questions of legality can and will be answered during the pre-race inspection if asked by entrant. No guarantee of legality shall be expressed or implied during pre-race inspection. Legality will be determined in POST-race inspection. - Competitors must present cars for inspection prior to participating in any racing event. - No radios allowed. - RACEceivers are MANDATORY at all times on track. FEATURE WINNER WILL START ON THE REAR OF THE NEXT FEATURE. Driver will start on the rear of the next event or the next time driver races. Note: This does not apply if it is a Special Race.